Our Machinery

Multiple Spindle Automatics
11 1/4 Acme Gridley
15/8 Acme Gridley
87/16 Acme Gridleys
123/4 Davenports
Single Spindle Automatics
11 1/2 Brown and Sharpe
21 5/8 Brown and Sharpes
81/2 Brown and Sharpe Ultramatics
Secondary Department
1#2 Brown and Sharpe Hand Screw Machine
1#00 Brown and Sharpe 1/2’ Chucker Machine
2Model PMO Barker Milling Machines
12Automated Model PMO Barker Milling Machines
2Rouse Milling Machines
115” Drill Press
1Snow Drill Machine
1Snow Tap Machine
61/8” Cross Drill Machines
6Automated Milling Machines
1Hardinge Second Operation Machine
1Burgmaster Drill and Tap Machine