Waterbury Screw Machine quality controlPride

We take pride in doing your job right the first time.

We take pride in our material.  We purchase the best rod for consistent quality.

We take pride in our equipment and machinery.  We continually monitor and update our machines so that tolerance and performance are maintained at the highest levels possible to meet your expectations.  Our computer systems are current and allow us to monitor inventory so we stay on top of your needs.

We take pride in our quality.  Everyone makes mistakes, but we try to catch ours before you do. Before it’s too late. We could cut corners, but we’d prefer to cut parts. Your parts. The way you want them.


You name it, we will do our best to make it.

High precision electronic and switch components (standard and miniature) decorative —parts, heavy duty valves, bushings and fittings. Long and short runs. Parts requiring extensive secondary work.

Our extensive experience as well as our willingness to think out of the box allows us to make your needs a reality.

Waterbury Screw Machine quality controlPeople

Our people are our greatest asset.

The Waterbury Screw Machine Products Company has been family owned and operated for over eighty years through three generations. Our family, however, reaches far beyond the Drouin and Corcoran bloodlines to the heart of our company—our employees.  Our highly skilled team of men and women is what makes Waterbury Screw Machine Products a special place to work and do business. They care.  They care about the work that they do.  They care about each other.  They care about you.

The Future

Waterbury Screw Machine Products Company continues to build upon its past to grow in its future. We are always adapting, refining, and updating so that we can provide you the best product and be your provider of choice.

New systems, controls, efficiencies, and materials. Old quality and pride. Try us!